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Le grand écart de l'esprit

Upcoming shows 2016
22.01.2016 Kaffee Montag Bern www.kaffeemontag.ch
18.02.2016 Langstars Zürich www.langstars.ch
19.02.2016 Kulturpunkt Flawil www.kulturpunkt-flawil.ch
23.06.2016 125 Jahre Interlaken www.interlaken2016.ch
14.10.2016 Privat show Chaumont
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Djinbala is a duo, composed by Andrea Milova & David Cielbala. They are multi-instrumentalists and sing in different languages (even a self created language) & play guitars, violin, keys, bass, drums, programming, sampling. They play since 20 years together and are used to change their musical style following their creative evolution.

Their different projects are called:

1996 - 2003 * Sky69: electro trip pop

2003 - today * Djinbala: gypsy world chanson

2008 - today * Djinbala in the Kosmos: flower power songwriting

In this year 2016 the duo have decided to call themself Djinbala. The musicians will take the freedom to play a different programm from venue to venue choose from their own musical compositions. Now they are playing their 20 years anniversary programm called "Le grand écart de l'esprit" wich is a mixture of new songs & their greatest compositions rearranged from the duo of the past 20 years.

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